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We are providing many different investment solutions to help you in achieving your financial objectives. Learn more about a variety of investing products.

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You can invest in stocks, futures and options, foreign exchange, commodities, and whatnot through Jainam for a low or no brokerage fee.

  • Stock

    Invest in stocks through Jainam for expert guidance, research access, and convenient platforms. Maximize returns, diversify, and manage risk. Trust Jainam for personalized advice and tools to achieve your investment goals.

  • F&O

    Our F&O services provide platforms and support for trading on various underlying assets such as equities, indices, commodities, and currencies, allowing investors to participate in these trades effectively.

  • Currency

    Begin your currency trading adventure with us, where buying and selling currency on the foreign stock exchange is made effortless. Join our platform today and dive into the world of currency trading.

  • Commodity

    Discover our exceptional trading environment on our platform, offering a wide variety of commodities such as gold, silver, crude oil, and many more popular choices. Join us to explore abundant trading options.

  • Discount Broking

    Experience the advantage of our discount brokerage option, providing significantly low or zero brokerage fees, allowing you to enjoy your profits to the fullest. Join us and maximize your trading gains today.

  • SLBM

    Explore our platform that enables traders to lend their shares, earning interest, while also providing the opportunity to borrow shares they don't own. Experience the flexibility of share lending and borrowing today.


    NSE IFSC Limited, a subsidiary of NSE India, runs an international exchange in Gujarat International Finance Tech (GIFT) City—the first IFSC in India, offering tax advantages and a facilitative regulatory framework.

Foreign Inventments

We offer a platform via which NRIs can invest directly in the Indian stock market utilising their NRE/NRO bank accounts, a Demat account, and a trading account.


We provide a "Foreign Portfolio Investment" service, allowing individuals or investment funds to purchase stocks, bonds, or other financial assets in foreign countries.


To help different investors, we provide "Domestic Institutional Investor," services such as trade execution, research, investment guidance, portfolio management, market data access, and compliance support.


We provide FDI services through a team of knowledgeable professionals who assist individuals from outside India in investing in the country. Our expertise supports foreign investors in their investment journey in India.

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Robust API

Our quick, simple, and cost-free APIs make it simple to build your own trading platform. Get going right now and gain access to everything you need for seamless trading.

  • Supports multiple languages

    Our platform empowers developers with support for Python, C++, Java, and other languages, expanding options and accessibility. Explore a diverse range of possibilities and unlock new coding opportunities.

  • Low latency

    In real-time data applications, a low latency API plays a vital role. By utilizing optimized data structures and specialized hardware, it swiftly responds, ensuring an optimal user experience with rapid data processing.

  • Fast API

    Fast API, a Python framework, empowers programmers to build apps by invoking commonly used functions through a REST interface. It utilizes a REST API to access fundamental app building blocks efficiently.

  • Robust

    A robust API handles errors gracefully, adapts to changes, and seamlessly integrates with diverse systems. It guarantees a consistent user experience and reliable data delivery for enhanced reliability.

  • Easy to understand

    The simplicity of understanding an API is achieved through concise, clear, and well-organized documentation, adherence to standardized naming conventions, and a logical structure that enhances comprehension and usability for developers.


With our Smart Back Office system, which integrates Smart Connectivity, Smart Learn, Smart Delta, Smart Greeks, and Smart Algos for a holistic trading experience, option trading becomes efficient and easy.