Jainam is more
than just an idea

Jainam is a one stop destination for all the financial services under the sun. From equity trading to commodity trading, from research and analysis to wealth management advisory, from E-broking to E-KYC, and customising services for non-resident Indians, Jainam Share Consultants Pvt Ltd masters it all.

The Founders

Our Journey

From a humble beginning in the early 2000s, Jainam has come a long way with respect to growth and development.
It was built with the idea of providing security along with multiplying wealth and has been doing justice to its foremost word

Core Values

  • Integrity
    Being committed to the company’s set standards of behavior and ethics even in critical times is Jainam’s promise. The company’s strong moral principles are one of the major reasons of its success.
  • Transparency
    The top management at Jainam believes in sharing the company’s practices openly with all its stakeholders. Being transparent and honest has helped the company win trust of its employees, customers, investors and the society as whole.
  • Continual improvement
    Understanding consumers and their ever changing expectations and demands calls for regular efforts and improvement at the company’s end. The company is committed to serving its customers better each day.
  • Respect
    Respect for every individual working with Jainam is an important core value of the company, which helps employees grow professionally as well as personally. Constant encouragement by colleagues to each other is also offered with respect and with the idea to grow and develop as a team.
  • Offer more than what we are paid for:
    As they say “Customer is the King”, the company strongly feels that customer delight should be the final outcome of any and every deal made. Jainam vows to serve the clients in the best of its capacity at all times.
  • Speed
    Being fast along with being smart is the idea behind this core value. Speed is critical when it comes to responding to customer’s queries, solving any internal problems and acting quickly to get the desired output.

HO Manager

Branch Managers

The people Behind Jainam