Manage Inflation

Considering a diversified portfolio with proper research can help overcome the negatives effects of inflation over a period of time.


You can increase or decrease number of shares/units by buying or selling, as per your pocket’s comfort.


Mutual funds offer the ease of choosing the units, option of diversification and multiple choices custom made to investors’ goals.


One can easily sell funds, partially or completely, whenever investors feel the need to liquidate.


Skilled portfolio managers in the company offer their expertise to take decisions regarding investment, buying and selling of funds for optimum profit.

High Return

As compared to other financial instruments, mutual funds offer higher returns against less investment and lower risk.


Mutual funds hold a variety of investments, thus making it simple and trouble free to diversify and cover risk.

Safe & Transparent

Since experts pick and suggest best performing mutual funds to its investors, they get the best worth of their investment

Why Mutual Funds ?

Offers long term investment options
Risk involved is less
Most liquid among all financial instruments

savings scheme

Equity Linked Savings Scheme is an open ended fund that helps in tax saving along with capital appreciation. This has a lock in period of only 3 years which makes it more convenient as compared to PPF, NSC and Fixed Deposits.

  • TAX benefits

  • TAX Free Returns

  • TAX- Saving Instrument

  • Financial Goal Planning

  • Minimum Lock-in Period

Know how much you can reduce

Annual Salary
Annual Salary can not be 0 or null.
Enter Annual Salary mutliplier of 5000.
Reduction in TAX


Top 5 Funds

Jainam Share Consultants Pvt Ltd has devised a mechanism which works like a robot that can help you determine the ideal kind and amount of investment for savings that can be used for desired pur-poses for instance child education, marriage, retirement etc.